The Sundhed USA community is not a one size fits all, and while we are not perfect, we are always striving to be our best selves. We try to follow a manifesto of sorts… let’s start there.

The Sundhed USA Manifesto

  • Health is humor 
  • Use technology, don’t let technology use you 
  • Take the stairs. Physically and mentally.
  • Talk less. Listen more.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.  
  • No phones in the bedroom at night
  • No phones for the 1st hour of the day 
  • Say please and thank you
  • Tip while no one is looking 
  • Hug each other 
  • Say I love you
  • Sweat regularly 
  • Feel hungry regularly 
  • Ask yourself hard questions
  • Be childlike
  • Read books
  • Write 
  • Go slow 
  • Go outside
  • Keep it simple
  • Have fun
  • Just start
  • Lead by example