About The Brand

Sundhed USA is a casual activewear brand and community for men. By casual we mean affordable pricing and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. By activewear we mean sweats, shorts, and shirts. And by community we mean we hang out in person from time to time.

At SUNDHED USA, we believe men’s health and wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. 

We also believe CrossFit has always been kinda weird, Nike is too intense, Lululemon is too expensive, and generally, most men are not enthusiastic about health, especially the mental and social well-being parts. That’s where we come in. Sundhed exists to serve the male community by promoting these serious health beliefs in a not-so-serious way through activewear products, digital content, and in-person community events.

BTW, the meaning of the word sundhed is health in Danish, and it can also represent well-being and sustainability—we Googled it.